Israeli Envoy Walks Out on Erdogan Rant


Israel’s U.N. ambassador demonstrated that it is possible to stage a dramatic walkout even when the speaker being walked out on isn’t there, as Gilad Erdan left the General Assembly in protest against Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s pre-recorded speech, which he denounced as anti-Semitic.

“Erdogan continues his lies and antisemitic statements against Israel, and it is important that the world know the double standards by which he has been living for many years,” Erdan stated.

In his speech, Erdogan stormed that “the occupation and oppression of Palestine is a bleeding wound of humanity.”

He said “the filthy hand” [of Israel] is “constantly increasing its audacity” in Yerushalayim’s Moslem holy sites.

Focusing his animus on U.S. President Donald Trump, Erdogan accused him of being a “collaborator” with Israel and called his peace plan “a document of surrender.”

Needless to say, the Turkish leader said he rejected any peace or normalization agreement that the Palestinians do not consent to.

Earlier in the session, part of the UNGA’s gala 75th anniversary, Erdan criticized secretary general Antonio Gutteres omitting any mention the Israel-UAE and Israel-Bahrain normalization deals in his opening remarks.

Gutteres called for a global ceasefire, “but he didn’t mention one word about the peace deals that Israel signed,” tweeted Erdan. “It’s embarrassing and says everything about the United Nations.”