Kosel Disinfected Ahead of Rosh Hashanah, Kvittlach Removed

A laborer disinfects and clears out notes left by mispallelim between the stones of the Kosel, ahead of Rosh Hashanah, amid the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) crisis, Wednesday. (Reuters/Ronen Zvulun)

On Wednesday, a disinfection and cleaning procedure was carried out at the Kosel, which is visited by hundreds of thousands of visitors from Israel and around the world.

(Reuters/Ronen Zvulun)

The thousands of handwritten notes that were placed between the stones of the Kosel were cleared using disposable gloves and wooden tools for one-time use. The operation is carried out twice a year: before Pesach and before Rosh Hashanah. The workers use wooden sticks, not metal, so as not to defile the holy stones, chalilah.

The notes were collected in sacks and will be buried together on Har Hazeisim.

(Reuters/Ronen Zvulun)