COMMUNICATED CONTENT: Masbia of Boro Park Erects Large Outdoor Safe Dining Space to Serve Charity Meals For Rosh Hashanah


Masbia Soup Kitchen will be reopening for communal sit-in meals starting on Rosh Hashanah, 5781/2020. Special holiday meals will be served in a newly erected outdoor sitting space to enable feeding the most needy among us in a safe setting. The area where the charity meals will be served is sixteen feet wide and seventy feet long and can accommodate close to forty clients in one shift.

Masbia Soup Kitchen has been closed to communal dining for months since early March due to the COVID-19 pandemic. During this time, pre-cooked to-go meals were distributed on a daily basis to those in need of meals, as the increase in demand soared to all-time highs. Weekly raw food distributions also soared to an approximately 500% increase in demand. This year’s High Holiday season will be extremely hard on low-income families since we are still in the midst of a recession due to the global pandemic, many federal benefits have ended, and local schools have stopped serving food to the general public.

Since March, Masbia has served close to a quarter of a million ready-to-eat “to go” dinners and distributed close to 100,000 pantry packages of raw food ingredients – the equivalent of another five million meals.

Masbia Soup Kitchen’s mobilization of COVID-19 food relief is mainly fueled by small dollar donors who stepped up in unprecedented levels to make sure supply keeps up with the demand. See crowdfunding drive for trailer loads of food here,