Yeshiva Darchei Torah Suspends In-Person Learning Due to COVID Infections

darchei torah
Yeshiva Darchei Torah (Google Maps)

Yeshiva Darchei Torah has informed its parent body that as a result of some confirmed COVID infections amongst its students, and in the interest of containing the spread of the virus, the yeshiva will be temporarily suspending its in-person learning for the next few days. Classes will resume remotely as they had been doing before the summer recess.

“The Health Department officials are currently in our building and have begun discussions with our safety committee. We have offered our continued full cooperation and transparency,” the yeshiva wrote in their communication to parents.

There have been between 13 and 19 cases which have been referred to Health Department, which represent less than three-quarters-of-one-percent of the total student population of just under 2600 talmidim, ka”h.

The Department of Health will conduct their investigation of the COVID-19 cases at the Yeshiva, and the yeshiva expressed its confidence that this will only be a temporary setback.

The Rosh Yeshiva Harav Yaakov Bender, shlita, encouraged parents to remain steadfast in their emunah as the yeshiva forges ahead with the chinuch of the boys during this crucial period.

“Rosh Hashana is coming, a day when we declare Hashem’s Kingship over the universe. Let us put our faith in Him, and Him alone. Ein od milvado. He wants us to stay strong and to keep learning and teaching his holy Torah,” Rav Bender wrote “with a heavy heart.”

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