Israel Traffic Restrictions During Chagei Tishrei

Men daven Shacharis in Yerushalayim, Tuesday, under restrictions. (Yonatan Sindel/Flash90)

The Health Ministry released detailed guidelines for restriction of movement and travel on Tuesday. They will be in place from Friday for three weeks, until Erev Simchas Torah.

Traffic restrictions:

  • Movement allowed up to 500 meters from the place of residence, including going to daven.
  • In effect from Friday, September 18, at 2 p.m., until October 11.
  • Work will be permitted in closed workplaces. All businesses involving trade, culture and entertainment will be closed. Recreation and indoor activities (including swimming pools, gyms and restaurants). Essential services will remain open: food sales, pharmacies, hygiene products, opticians, home maintenance, communications products, communications services and medical supplies. Businesses, including restaurants, will be allowed to operate delivery service.
  • Movement further than 500 meters from home will be restricted except for activities permitted by regulations.
  • The education system will be closed, except for special education, boarding schools and other exceptional cases. Distance learning is allowed.
  • Gatherings: limited to 10 people indoors and up to 20 people in open spaces.

In order to ensure that all people can daven and hear the shofar on Rosh Hashanah despite the lockdown, the Religious Affairs and Health Ministries have arranged for special travel permits for chazzanim and baalei toke’a.

“The need to allow for the travel of these individuals is critical in order to fulfil the holiday mitzvot,” said the Religious Affairs Ministry’s CEO Oded Fluss.

The ministry will publish on its website a form for these individuals to fill out, which will be approved by the ministry. Once approved, they will be able to bring the form with them if they are stopped by an inspector.

In addition, the ministry said that it has worked with the local authorities to ensure that they can enable enough outdoor and indoor spaces for tefillos, while still following the Health Ministry restrictions.

Regulations will be reviewed in two weeks.