Corona Cabinet Release Three Stage Plan


The decision  by the Corona Cabinet of Thursday, September 10, 2020, was released in a joint statement by the Prime Minister’s Office and the Health Ministry.

The three-stage, long-term plan for lowering the morbidity data in Israel recommended by the Health Ministry and ‘Magen Yisrael’ director Prof. Ronni Gamzu was approved by the Corona Cabinet, and will be submitted to the full

Cabinet for approval on Sunday, September13.

The dates for the entering into force of the various stages will be determined by the Cabinet, while ensuring that entering the second and third stages into force will be contingent on meeting the goals of the prior stages.

Following the approval of the decision in principle this Sunday, the detailed regulations will be submitted to the Cabinet for final approval.

The first stage, which will include a lockdown, includes:

  1. Restrictions on movement of 500 meters from one’s place of residence
  2. The closure of education institutions except for special education (grade 5 and up will learn remotely during the holidays)
  3. Closure of private and public sector activity (work from home as much as possible)
  4. Prayers in public spaces pursuant to an outline that will be agreed upon
  5. Complete closure of restaurants (except for delivery service), places of recreation, businesses, commerce and domestic tourism

The second stage, which will have tightened restraint, will include

  1. Restriction on movement between cities
  2. Restriction on gatherings throughout the period according to red zone restrictions of the traffic light plan
  3. Complete closure of restaurants (except for delivery service), places of recreation, malls, domestic tourism, commerce and businesses that receive the public
  4. Closure of education institutions except for special education, throughout the period, except for remote learning for grade 5 and up. The resumption of classes after the Sukkot holiday will be evaluated according to a special assessment of the situation.
  5. The public sector will be on an emergency footing.
  6. Private sector – Work of 30-50% scope at places that do not receive the public (offices, factories, etc.), work from home as much as possible

Upon the conclusion of the first two stages, the third stage, deemed the Traffic light plan, will have transitioning to activity according to the traffic light plan

Transitioning from stage to stage will be done following a continuing trend of decline in morbidity.

Public transportation activity will be adapted to the scope of activity in the economy.

The Finance Ministry will – together with the Prime Minister’s Office and the head of the National Economic Council – will work to formulate an economic safety net for business owners and citizens that are expected to be hurt economically as a result of the foregoing decision.

Kol Korei from Roshei Yeshiva in Eretz Yisrael asking that health guidelines be adhered to.

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