Coronavirus Claims 10 More People Dead, 100 in Past Week


The coronavirus death toll in Israel reached 956 after 100 additional fatalities were reported by the Health Ministry this week, including 10 since Tuesday morning.

Another 1,526 virus cases have been diagnosed since Monday night, keeping the country far short of the goal of 400 per day as a threshold figure for containment.

Of the 20,960 active cases, 415 are in serious condition, 117 of them on ventilators. Another 178 are in moderate condition, with the rest displaying mild or no symptoms.

The numbers came in as Israeli schools reopened for the fall term, under restrictions, with some grades staying home, and schools in designated “red cities” closed completely. Officials worry that even with the restrictions, interpersonal contact in the schools will push infection rates upward, as they did earlier in the year.

Meanwhile, Channel 12 reported a lack of enforcement of health regulations at Ben Gurion Airport, where passengers from countries with high infection rates were not asked their origin or ordered into quarantine upon arrival.

“They didn’t ask us where we came from,” one passenger was quoted as saying.

Another traveler, who also was not identified, said officials did not ask to see their ticket or inquire where they had come from.

Those entering Israel from countries classified as “red” due to high infection rates are required to self-isolate for 14 days.

The Population and Immigration Authority denied the story, saying all arrivals are asked about their origin and given instructions on quarantine.

Channel 12 also said that coronavirus project manager Ronni Gamzu is formulating new restrictions for red cities and towns

“A lockdown is on the table” in these areas, according to the report.