Travelers From Europe Arrested Trying to Get to Uman

KIEV, Ukraine
A Breslev Chassid protest against PM Benjamin Netanyahu, demanding a solution which would allow them to fly to Uman. (David Cohen/Flash90)

Six Chassidim were arrested in a French airport after dozens of Chassidim attempting to enter Ukraine were deported from the country, the Jerusalem Post reported.

The visitors arrived in Kiev International Airport on flights from London and Paris, but they were not allowed to enter the country.

Jewish visitors who came from London were deported on arrival, with Ukrainian soldiers allegedly forcing them back onto the plane.

Another flight full of Americans and Israelis who tried to enter Ukraine from Paris were kept on the plane while police officers went through passenger’s luggage looking for religious items such as siddurim and shofaros to determine if they were Jewish. Passengers who tried to film the police had their phones seized.

Another group attempted to cross into Ukraine from Belarus, but they were detained at the border.

On an Air France flight that landed in Kiev International Airport, passengers and soldiers became violent, and thirty Chassidim were kept on the plane for several hours, under guard by Ukrainian soldiers, and were denied food and water.

Ukraine has closed its borders to foreigners through September 28th.

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