Selichos at Kosel Under Coronavirus Rules

Tefillos at the Kosel under Health Ministry regulations. (Yossi Zamir/Flash90)

The coronavirus pandemic has not stopped Selichos at the Kosel this year.

In recent days, thousands of mispallelim have visited the Kosel to participate in the penitential prayers of Selichos recited during the month of Elul.

Normally at this time of year, the Kosel plaza is filled to capacity, but in accordance with Health Ministry regulations, only a limited number are permitted to enter the area. Only 2,000 people in capsules of 30 are currently allowed to daven at the holy site at any one time.

“The sight of thousands of people streaming to the Western Wall Plaza at night during this special week is an unforgettable experience,” said the Western Wall Foundation in a statement.

“The power of the connection between the Jewish nation and the Western Wall becomes particularly apparent during these special days in which people need prayers for healing and are doing the soul searching and introspection customary at this time of year.”

Selichos services begin every night at 12:30 a.m.