New York State Hits New Lows on Coronavirus Numbers

NEW YORK (New York Daily News/TNS) -

New York’s streak of ever-lower COVID-19 numbers continued over the weekend, according to Gov. Andrew Cuomo.

There were 472 hospitalizations for the virus as of Saturday — the “lowest number since March 16” — 110 of whom were receiving intensive care, “the lowest number since March 15,” his office said Sunday.

Meanwhile, less than 1% of coronavirus tests have come back positive 16 consecutive days.

“New Yorkers should be proud that their hard work and discipline led to another day of record-low numbers,” Cuomo said.

He added, however: “Make no mistake: This virus is still surging in parts of the country, and until there is a vaccine we cannot become numb or complacent about the risks we face.”

On Saturday, 13 establishments in Brooklyn and Queens were found in violation of rules for bars and restaurants, according to the governor.

“Local governments must continue to enforce public health guidance and we all must remember to be smart,” he stated.

The state had 429,165 positive COVID cases and 25,282 deaths as of Saturday, according to the Health Department.

Throughout the rest of the country, daily new cases appear to be on a downward trend.

There were 46,295 new cases on Saturday, according to the COVID Tracking Project, down from 77,233 on July 17.

The country’s total number of cases came to more than 5.6 million, with 168,286 fatalities.