Report: Likud, Blue and White Reach Agreement on Budget

The Knesset plenum.

Has the latest coalition crisis been sorted out? Media sources reported Wednesday afternoon that representatives of the Likud and Blue and White parties have agreed to postpone the budget vote, which would allow the government to continue functioning.

Kan News reported that the parties have agreed to a three-month budget that will cover basic requirements until a budget is agreed upon, for 2021.

According to the report, the Finance Committee will be convened on Sunday for the purpose of voting on the law to postpone the budget’s deadline. In addition, a special clause is being considered that will allow financing for three months of various needs until the transfer of the new budget. The Finance and Justice Ministries are discussing the options and legalities of the clause.

Earlier in the day, a senior Likud official said that “this may be the last Wednesday for the 23rd Knesset,” due to the deteriorating relationship between the factions that make up the coalition.“This is not working,” said the official. “I did not have high expectations for this coalition to begin with, but I did not think it would be that bad. It is impossible to work. Will we go to the polls on Monday? It will be terrible. But I think that to continue down this path would be even worse.”

If no budget is passed, or the law to allow an extension doesn’t pass until midnight Monday, the Knesset will automatically disperse and new elections will be called.