Five Bachurim Lost in Austrian Alps Found After Major Overnight Search

A Hatzolah member from Vienna alongside local police and search and rescue teams at the foot of the Obergugel mountains region where the boys were reunited with their families.

A major search involving helicopters, jeeps and ground search parties helped look for five bachurim who went missing in the Austrian Alps overnight Thursday. The boys were found Friday morning, safe and sound, b’chasdei Shamayim.

The five bachurim, three from England and two from Belgium, set off Thursday morning on a hike, planning to return to their base before nightfall. They had three phones with them when they left, and late in the day, one of them contacted his parents to notify them that they were a bit delayed, and planned to be home an hour later.

As the hours past, the boys had not yet returned, and the parents contacted the authorities who began searching for the missing boys.

The boys related that when they realized that they were lost and lost phone contact, they decided to remain where they were, instead of going further up the 3,000 meter mountain. They stayed there overnight and at first light they began to make their way back to a place where they finally had phone contact and reached out to their families. The rescue teams found them and brought them back, baruch Hashem. 

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