Biden’s VP Choice Harris Mainstream Israel Supporter


Following Joe Biden’s announcement of Senator Kamala Harris as his choice for vice-presidential running mate, the Jewish community was reviewing on Wednesday her record on Israel.

Those who did not know or were not sure, were relieved to find that Harris stands in the mainstream of support for Israel.

In April 2019, her then-campaign communications director Lily Adams told McClatchy that her “support for Israel is central to who she is.”

She held publicized meetings with American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) officials during the 2019 annual policy conference in Washington, braving pressure from the Democratic party’s left wing to boycott the event. She supports a two-state solution, but has steered clear of proposals to condition aid to Israel on concessions to the Palestinians.

“Great to meet today in my office with California AIPAC leaders to discuss the need for a strong US-Israel alliance, the right of Israel to defend itself, and my commitment to combat anti-Semitism in our country and around the world,” Harris tweeted at the time.

“Senator Harris strongly supports security assistance to strengthen Israel’s ability to defend itself,” her office said. “She has traveled to Israel where she saw the importance of US-Israeli security cooperation firsthand.

She has disappointed the pro-Israel lobby on the issue of BDS, however, opposing legislation to criminalize boycotting Israel, which she maintains would be a violation of free speech.

Harris’s husband, attorney Douglas Ehmhoff, is Jewish, according to reports. If Biden and Harris are elected, he would become the country’s first Jewish second husband.