South Shore Beaches Still Closed After Multiple Shark Sightings

A great white shark circling a boat.

Miles of beaches along Long Island’s South Shore will remain closed on Tuesday, CBS News reported, due to multiple shark sightings on Monday.

In the Town of Hempstead, beaches permit wading up to knee-level. The beaches of Long Beach remain closed. Police are set to determine later today if the beaches can reopen. On Monday, lifeguard Logan Fitzgerald was patrolling the waters on his surf board at Lido Beach West when he saw a dorsal fin.

“It came out, shot out of the water, spun around,” he told media sources. “Didn’t look like a dolphin fin, definitely a shark.”

Maritime officials said it was likely a bull shark between 7 to 12 feet long. Moreover, the shark was swimming very close to the shoreline.

“Eight to 10 feet out, so it was pretty close, folks, that is really close to the shoreline,” said Town of Hempstead Supervisor Don Clavin. “This is something we haven’t seen down here in a number of years. But the size of it was a concern.

Thirteen miles of beaches from Atlantic Beach to Jones Beach were closed to swimmers for hours. They reopened for wading, only to be closed again after a second bull shark sighting off Long Beach.

The shark sightings may be due to the heat. Over the weekend, two thresher sharks were seen off of Robert Moses Beach, and large bite marks were found in marine life.

“There’s whales, dolphins, and this is just something else that’s in the ocean that we have to be aware of and know it’s out there,” said lifeguard Mike Romano. “But a bull shark in this territory, this far north…? We did consider it as a concern.”

There was a possible third sighting at Point Lookout as well.

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