Poll: Right Losing Ground as Both Likud, Yamina Fall; Blue and White Up

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Election workers count the remaining ballots of Israelis under quarantine after returning from coronavirus-infected zones, at a tent in the central elections committee warehouse in Shoham, March 5. (Flash90)

The coronavirus crisis continues, thousands are infected every day, while the Knesset decides to lift some of the restrictions imposed by the government. Will the tension between the Likud and Blue and White really lead to another election campaign before the end of 2020? And how does the public react to the government’s conduct in the ongoing economic crisis?

According to a poll conducted by Professor Yitzchak Katz of the Maagar Mochot Institute for Radio 103FM, it seems that the citizens’ disappointment with Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu’s conduct in the economic crisis is only growing. 69% of the respondents gave him a poor score, an increase of 2% compared to the poll conducted in early July. 13% gave him a mediocre score, and only 18% believing that Netanyahu is doing a good job.

In addition, the respondents expressed their opinion on the chance that the State of Israel will return to another election campaign after of the repeated crises in the government, after a rift arose in the coalition this week after the Blue and White Party decided to vote in favor of a controversial law. 35% of respondents believe that the coalition crises will lead to new elections, 26% believe that despite the crisis Israel will not return to the polls soon, while 39% said they do not know.

The results of the survey also show that among all the respondents, that if an election were to be held at the present time, the Likud Party would win 35 seats, followed by the Yesh Atid-Telem Party with 17 seats. The Joint List would receive 15 seats, as it has in the current Knesset. Blue and White Party is slightly up, with 12 seats, followed by Yamina with 11 seats. The chareidi parties would be slightly up; 9 seats for Shas, and eight seats for United Torah Judaism. Yisrael Beyteinu would win eight seats, and at the bottom of the list is Meretz with only five seats.

The right-wing religious bloc has 63 seats, while the left-center Arab bloc has 49 seats.

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