Alternate Side Parking Returning in August

new york altrenate side parking

Alternate Side Parking is returning to New York City next month.

ASP had been suspended since mid-March, with the exception of one week in mid-May, one week at the end of June, and this past week. Mayor Bill de Blasio announced Friday that ASP will be suspended once again in the final week of July, through Sunday, August 2.

Starting Monday, August 3, ASP will return for five weeks, through Saturday, September 5.

But, per a change begun last month, each side of a residential street will be cleaned no more than once per week. Any street side with multiple Alternate Side Parking days will be cleaned only on the last day posted on that side’s sign. For example, a street side with ASP regulations posted on Monday and Thursday will now be cleaned on Thursday only.

Street sides that were only cleaned once per week, will continue at the same schedule.