Moderna Set to Start Final-Stage Vaccine Trial in 30,000 People

( Bloomberg) —
moderna vaccine

Moderna Inc. posted details of its final-stage vaccine trial on an official government website, confirming that the widely anticipated trial was still on track to begin this month.

In a posting on, Moderna said the trial is expected to begin on July 27. It will enroll 30,000 adults at high risk of contracting the coronavirus. The enrollees will help compare the vaccine to placebo injections and evaluate whether two doses of the vaccine, known as mRNA-1273, will keep people Covid-19 free.

Trial sites will begin registering people for the trial next week, said Moderna spokesman Ray Jordan.

The vaccine is one of the farthest along for COVID-19. Unlike traditional vaccines, which inject a weakened or inactivated virus or a piece of a virus to trigger an immune response, the Moderna product uses genetic material called messenger RNA to cause cells to produce the coronavirus spike protein. The goal is to produce antibodies to the virus that protect against disease when someone is later exposed to the coronavirus.

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