Poll Shows PM Laid Low in Coronavirus Backlash

Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu. (Abir Sultan/Pool via Reuters)

A poll aimed at finding out whom Israelis blame for the second coronavirus wave has found that 50 percent blame Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu.

However, 41 percent said the public is at fault because they “do not follow health guidelines,” according to Direct Polls, which released its findings on Thursday.

Netanyahu fared even worse on the economic impact of the health crisis, as 58 percent of respondents blamed him for failure to provide adequate assistance for those most affected, who have lost their jobs or whose businesses have suffered heavy losses.

Thirty-four percent said it was because of treasury and tax officials who have delayed the payments the prime minister has promised. Only 9% blamed other factors.

Meanwhile, Former Transportation Minister and current MK Betzalel Smotrich (Yamina) also expressed dissatisfaction.

“The government is just fighting all day long and spends 90 percent of its time dealing with the coronavirus, but there are a lot of important issues in Israel other than the virus. If we were working right, there would not be any closures now and all businesses would be open,” Smotrich said on the Reshet Beit radio network.

On Thursday evening, PM Netanyahu and Finance Minister Yisrael Katz are scheduled to announce details of an economic plan at a special press conference.

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