Gantz Goes Into Quarantine After Contact With Coronavirus Carrier

Defense Minister Benny Gantz wears a face mask as he attends a weekly Cabinet meeting at the Foreign Ministry in Yerushalayim on Sunday. (Gali Tibbon/Pool via Reuters)

Defense Minister and Alternate Prime Minister Benny Gantz entered quarantine on Wednesday morning, after he came into contact with a coronavirus patient. Gantz said that he will remain in quarantine until a coronavirus test and the epidemiological survey are completed.

Gantz came into contact with the coronavirus carrier Sunday evening.

The defense minister’s office released a statement saying that Gantz “feels well” and that he will continue to function while in isolation.

The ministry said that Gantz will have all the relevant equipment set up at home, to enable him to fulfill his role.

It was noted that the carrier to whom Gantz was exposed is a family member.