BD’E — Harav Naftuli Halberstam, Sanz-Gribover Rebbe, Zt”l


Hamodia is saddened to report the petirah of one of the zkan admorim, Harav Naftuli Halberstam, Sanz-Gribover Rebbe, zt”l, who was niftar on Friday night at the age of 96.

The Rebbe, who led the Machon Yuchsin, had a beis medrash in Boro Park on 48th Street between 15th and 16th Aves.

Through Machon Yuchsin, the Rebbe gathered and stored millions of pages and documents in order to preserve the information for those who wish to research and discover their own genealogy and lineage.

The levayah took place on Motzaei Shabbos at 1:00 AM in the Rebbe’s shul.

Yehi zichro baruch.

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