COVID Update from Lakewood Physicians

lakewood coronavirus

Baruch Hashem through our hishtadlus of the steps we’ve taken in our community, including social distancing, we are able to continue to work towards the opening of our community and still maintain a minimal number of cases. However, as we move into the next phase, we must continue to be vigilant to make sure that the situation is maintained.

As the country reopens, it is extremely important to pay attention to the rapid rise in cases throughout many areas of the United States. Lakewood has seen five COVID-19 cases in the last week that originated in Florida. Any person who visits those areas with a significant increase in positive COVID-19 cases, which include Florida, Texas, Arizona, and California, are at increased risk of contracting COVID-19 and bringing it back to Lakewood and should, therefore, quarantine for two weeks upon returning to Lakewood. In addition, any guests from those areas of rapidly increasing infection must also quarantine for two weeks upon arrival to the Lakewood community. A COVID-19 negative test on returning from one of these high COVID-19 areas is not a substitute for a 14 day quarantine. A negative test could simply be due to a test being performed too early in the 14 day incubation period.

We ask the kehilla to please continue being vigilant so that we do not C”V reverse the tremendous strides that we have made in the past few weeks in opening our community.

Dr. Shoshana Bacon

Dr. Jonathan Cohen

Dr. Dovid Friedman

Dr. Neil Gittleman

Dr. Elchonon Glantz

Dr. Binyomin Greenberg

Dr. Nochum Indich

Dr. Jeffrey Kaminetzky

Dr. Baruch Kassover

Dr. Howard Lebowitz

Dr. Micah May

Dr. David Ogun

Dr. Hillel Peltz

Dr. Samuel Preschel

Dr. Daniel Roth

Dr. Reuven Shanik

Dr. Laurence Shoner

Dr. Clara Surowitz

Dr. Mordechai Tarlow

Dr. Miro Ukraincik

Dr. Yaakov Zamel

Dr. Shimshi Zimmerman (Hatzolah)