Gateshead Tashbar & GJ Nursery Simchas Alef Beis

A proud family at the Gateshead Tashbar & GJ Nursery Simchas Alef Beis.

Gateshead Tashbar & GJ Nursery celebrated the pupils’ completion of learning the alef beis with an outdoor event held in the playground.

Each of the children was given a time slot to come with their families to mark this momentous occasion. Live music and applause greeted the children as they arrived with their families. They were presented with a beautiful certificate, alef beis cupcake and treats, and wearing their crowns the children had pictures taken under a huge colourful balloon arch.

Mazal tov greetings were addressed to them by their teachers, acknowledging the huge effort parents had made to reinforce and revise the alef beis with their children. It was beautiful to see the joy and excitement of the children as they took part in the simchah. It will surely be a unique event that they will not forget!

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