Sloatsburg Mincha Area Opens

sloatsburg mincha area

The Mincha Area on the New York State Thruway in Sloatsburg opened last Thursday for its 18th summer season, providing a place for easy minyanim for those traveling upstate.

The Tefilas Mordche Mincha Area is named for Rabbi Mordechai Friedman, zt”l, father of ybl”c Rabbi Abe Friedman, a police chaplain who continues his father’s dedication to community service, particularly in maintaining the Mincha Area.

The Mincha Area operates on Thursday nights from 5 p.m. to 10 p.m.

Organizers ask that participants follow guidelines to ensure the Mincha Area’s smooth operation:

— In order to provide a minimum of disturbance to other travelers, Mincha Area parking is on the upper level only.



sloatsburg mincha area
Rabbi Abe Friedman with a state trooper.


Minyanim may be held  only in the designated Mincha Area.

— No sales of any kind, including food, merchandise or tzedakah solicitations.

— Children of all ages must be supervised and should never be left unattended in any vehicle.

— Obey all speed limits and use extreme caution when approaching the upper deck.

— Yield to all pedestrians when driving or parking.

In addition, due to the COVID-19 outbreak, participants are asked to wear masks.

Children who appear younger than 12 will not be permitted into the Service Area building unless accompanied by an adult.

Organizers also ask that people refrain from using their cellphone while walking or driving in the parking area. Drivers are asked to be courteous and follow the directions of the Thruway traffic attendant and other authorized personnel while in the service area: Drive slowly, stop for pedestrians, and refrain from honking and driving around cars that are waiting to pull in or out of a spot.

sloatsburg mincha area