Vaad Hayeshivos Releases Protocol for Talmidim Whose Deferral Status Is Affected by Corona

Sign outside the army recruiting office in Yerushalayim. (Yonatan Sindel/Flash90)

Due to travel limitations and lockdowns during the coronavirus period, a great many yeshivah bachurim and avreichim were unable to confirm their exemption status. Talmidim whose appointed date has passed should submit a form requesting a deferral as soon as possible in order to preserve their status as yeshivah students.

However, due to the continued restrictions of the Health Ministry on opening yeshivos, the Vaad Hayeshivos reached an agreement concerning dates for appearances before draft boards and how they are conducted.

For avreichim whose last draft board appearance was over a year ago, they are asked to come to the Bnei Yeshivos department of Tel Hashomer with a deferral form and declaration signed by their rosh kollel and an attorney, as per normal procedure.

For yeshivah bachurim who are learning in “capsules” and are therefore unable to leave the yeshivah premises – a list of those in the capsule will be sent to the Vaad Hayeshivos office in accordance with the list sent for approval to the Ministry of Health, and deferral forms will be issued for them.

When these forms will be issued, the yeshivos will be notified and the forms will be sent or taken from the Vaad Hayeshivos office to the yeshivah, filled out and signed by the talmidim, and the rosh yeshivah will add his signature in the presence of an attorney, who will sign as well. The talmid will also fill out the standard declaration in the presence of an attorney.

Once the paperwork is completed, the yeshivah will contact the Vaad Hayeshivos and a representative will present the forms to the Bnei Yeshivos Department without talmidim being required to appear at the Bnei Yeshivos department in Tel Hashomer.

Talmidim whose yeshivos are not active at all due to the coronavirus, or whose yeshivah is operating in “capsules” but they are not included, the procedure is: if the talmidim are learning in open frameworks such as kollelim, where learning goes on during the day and at night they return home, they shall appear before the Bnei Yeshivos Department with their deferral and signed declaration.

Talmidim whose yeshivos are closed completely and are not at present learning in an organized framework should appear at the Bnei Yeshivos Department in Tel Hashomer in order to sign on a special form, and then their appearance before a draft board will be postponed for six months.

If talmidim are unable to come to the Bnei Yeshivos Department, due to quarantine or the like, they should contact the Vaad Hayeshivos.