Boris Johnson Joins Opponents of Annexation

Prime Minister Boris Johnson, joined by Europe Adviser and Chief Negotiator of Task Force Europe David Frost  in London, Britain June 15, 2020. Andrew Parsons/10 Downing Street/Handout via REUTERS 

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson came out against Israeli annexations in Yehuda and Shomron during a session in the House of Commons on Tuesday.

“I believe that what is proposed by Israel would amount to a breach of international law and we strongly object to it, and we believe profoundly in a two-state solution and will continue to make that case,” Johnson said in reply to a question from a member of his own Conservative party, MP Crispin Blunt.

However, the PM sidestepped the part of Blunt’s question addressing possible sanctions against Israel if it should go ahead with annexation plans.

In recent days, France has threatened unspecified reprisals, and other European countries are said to be considering sanctions as well.