Tashbar of Manchester Mishnayos Celebration

The kittah gimmel Boys Rebbe, Rabbi E Pruim, addresses the mishnayos ceremony in the Tashbar school car park. (Lawrence Purcell)

All the talmidim of Kitah Gimmel in Tashbar of Manchester participated in an impressive ma’amad to mark the beginning of learning mishnayos, last Sunday afternoon. The celebration was held in line with the current restrictions on public gatherings. As there are three parallel classes with over 60 boys, k”y, in Kitah Gimmel, the event took place in three consecutive sessions. The classes are taught by Rabbi Yosef Arye Beaton, Rabbi Nochum Dovid Miller and Rabbi Eliezer Pruim. In past years, mishnayos learning has started rather uneventfully after the Pesach break. However, this year, since all recent learning has taken place on conference calls, the rebbeim felt that beginning to learn mishnayos over the phone would not inspire the boys or give them cheshek for learning.

Therefore the Menahel, Rabbi Dovid Hammond together with the Lead Rebbe, Rabbi Nochum Miller planned a memorable afternoon for the boys, which was extremely successful.

The boys, dressed in Shabbos clothes, were driven into the spacious school playground by their parents, many also accompanied by siblings. Each family remained in its own car during the celebration.

A large festive banner decorated the side of the Cheder building, over a beautifully draped dais where the Menahel and Rebbeim sat. The excited atmosphere was further heightened and enhanced by live music and singing.

When all the vehicles had parked around the edges of the playground, the Menahel used the loudspeaker system to welcome the guests to the auspicious occasion. He encouraged all the boys to value their learning and to continue persevering even though it was not easy during the lockdown. He thanked all the staff who had contributed to making the event successful.

A parent from each class – Nochum Dovid Chissick, Yisroel Meir Salzer and Rabbi Moshe Steinhaus, added their enthusiastic words of gratitude and encouragement.

Finally, the climax of the afternoon was reached when the Rebbeim stood up to address and inspire their dear talmidim. The Rebbeim encouraged all their boys to learn the opening words of the Mishnah. As one rebbe said, “Their sweet voices reciting the heilige words of the Mishnah Keitzad mevorchin al hapeiros surely went directly up into the blue sky shining above them to be a zechus for them and for the whole of Klal Yisrael.”

As the cars drove out afterwards each boy was presented with his new Mishnayos by the Menahel and a pekel.

The beautiful décor was designed by Chaim Reuven Karnowsky and was all set up under the efficient direction of Mrs R. Bengio. The lighting and sound systems were made by Zevi Bengio. Music and singing were provided by Naftoli Karnowski and Sholom Miller.

Rabbi D Hammond, Tashbar Menahel, hands out the mishnayos to a kittah gimmel talmid.(Lawrence Purcell)
Mishnayos Tashbar kittah gimmel talmid reads a section in the Tashbar car park watched by his father. (Lawrence Purcell)
Rabbi D Hammond, Tashbar Menahel, handing out mishnayos at the end of the ceremony. (Lawrence Purcell)

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