Three Fatalities After Passenger Van Hits Tree in New Hempstead

Chesed Shel Emes members at the scene of the accident, Monday.

Two men from New Square, a father-in-law with his son-in-law, and one twenty year old girl were killed after a 15 passenger van driving on New Hempstead Rd in Rockland County hit a tree, on Monday afternoon.

Ambulances and EMTs from Hatzoloh and Spring Hill EMS arrived at the location, where they began treating some of the passengers in the van.

A request went out for 9 ambulances. Although at first they thought a baby was missing, it seems that the baby was still at the baby sitter, and was not in the van at the time.

The two men, Reb Aryeh Shmuel Deutsch, z”l and his son in law Reb Shlomo Birnhak, z”l, were niftar at the scene. Their levayos were held on Monday evening in New Square with the participation of the Skverer Rebbe, shlita

On Tuesday, Tziporah Deutsch, a”h, the daughter of Reb Aryeh Shmuel, succumbed to her injuries. Her levayah is scheduled for Tuesday in New Square.

Mrs. Birnhak gave birth to a healthy baby boy Tuesday morning, but she must undergo extensive medical procedures for her serious injuries.

Mrs. Esther Deutsch, the wife of Reb Aryeh Shmuel, and others in the family are in critical condition.

All are asked to daven for Trany bas Esther, Chaya Reizel bas Esther, Yocheved bas Esther, Chana Sima bas Esther, Blima Basheva bas Esther, Devorah Yehudis bas Esther and Esther bas Rivka who need rachmei Shamayim.

The levayos on Monday night in New Square. (JDN)
The Skverer Rebbe, shlita, arriving at the levayos. (JDN)

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