Demolitions at Two Outposts, 15 Arrested


Security forces tore down a dozen temporary structures at two neighboring outposts in Yehudah and Shomron on Monday morning.

During the operation, at least 15 hilltop youth residents were detained after clashes with troops, according to Honenu, the legal aid organization representing them.

The razing of the illegal structures in Maoz Esther and Baladim were thought to be the first such moves ordered by Benny Gantz since he took over as defense minister last month.

“Enforcement activities were carried out in accordance with the authority of the Civil Administration and were subject to operational considerations,” a defense official told The Times of Israel.

Both outposts have seen repeated demolitions in recent years, as well as violent confrontations with Palestinians and Israeli security forces.

Honenu alleged that Border Police used excessive force to remove the five families living in the two outposts from their homes on Monday.

Nati Rom of Honenu said the police handcuffed residents and left them sitting in the sun for several hours before he arrived.