Preschool Class in Rehovot Sent Home, as COVID-19 Diagnosed


The brother of a girl attending preschool in Rehovot where five coronavirus infections have already been diagnosed over the past week was also found to have caught the virus, Arutz Sheva reported on Wednesday night.

The entire preschool staff along with the class were instructed to go into home quarantine.

The Health Ministry announced during the day that the number of confirmed coronavirus cases now stands at 16,665, an increase of 11 in the past 24 hours.

The country’s death toll from COVID-19 is 279, after an additional death since Tuesday night.

According to the Health Ministry, 46 people infected with COVID-19 were in serious condition, 40 of whom were on ventilators.

Another 36 people are in moderate condition and the rest have mild symptoms.

So far, 13,574 people have recovered from the virus, while 2,812 are still sick; 3,504 tests were conducted on Wednesday, and 6,938 Tuesday.

Meanwhile, public opinion varies on the pace of the reopening of the economy, the school system and social activities such as beach-going.

The Guttman Center for Public Opinion and Policy Research at the Israel Democracy Institute found that 39 percent of Israelis think the government is moving too quickly to be safe.

Some 30 percent think the easing measures are being implemented at an appropriate pace, while 25 percent say the process is too slow, the poll found.

Trust in public officials has declined. Until the middle of April, 54-57 percent said they had trust in Prime Minister Netanyahu’s handling of the pandemic. Now only 44 percent say they have confidence in him.

61 percent of people said they trust the government’s health experts. However, trust in government economic experts stands at 38 percent (down from 47 in April).