Man Dies from Heatstroke as Temperatures Break 100

israel heatwave
(Anat Hermony/Flash90/File)

A 60-year-old man died from heatstroke in the southern town of Dimona on Sunday, Channel 12 reported.

The temperature in Dimona was 106° Fahrenheit on Sunday. Temperatures were expected to reach as high as 113℉ in some parts of the country.

Over 300 brushfires were reported as the dry, hot weather swept in at the end of last week. In view of the tinderbox conditions, Fire Commissioner Dudi Simchi signed an order prohibiting the lighting of fires in open areas anywhere in the country.

The Israel Electric Company said on Sunday that electricity consumption broke all records for the month of May, as Israelis ran air conditioners and other cooling equipment around the clock. Electricity use measured 12,673 megawatts, compared to 11, 960 in May of last year.

The heat wave is expected to last through the week.