China Sends Investigators in Ambassador’s Death

Police at the scene where Chinese Ambassador to Israel Du Wei was found dead Sunday in his apartment in Tel Aviv. (Avshalom Sassoni/Flash90)

The Chinese government will be sending an investigatory team to probe the death of its ambassador to Israel, Du Wei, according to Haaretz on Sunday night.

Wei was found dead at his home in Tel Aviv on Sunday, apparently from natural causes, a statement from Beijing said earlier.

“The preliminary verdict is that Ambassador Du Wei died unexpectedly of health reasons. The details await further confirmation.”

The investigators will also arrange for Wei’s body to be flown back to China for burial. A family representative will be joining, according to the report.

Israeli police were dispatched to the scene as soon as the body was discovered, but were giving no details.

Channel 12, quoting unidentified emergency medical officials, said initial indications were that Du died in his sleep of natural causes.

The 57-year-old ambassador had a wife and son, who were not in Israel with him. He arrived in Israel to hold the position of ambassador in February. He had previously served as Chinese ambassador to Ukraine.