Satellite Pics Show New Weapons Site in Syria


Satellite images show a weapons storage facility under construction at an Iranian-controlled military base in eastern Syria, Fox News reported on Wednesday.

ImageSat International, an Israeli firm, produced photos of an excavator and bulldozers operating within the Imam Ali military base in the al-Bukamal region of Syria, which is believed to be run by Iranian forces.

Work at the underground site appears to have started in March. This is the second such subterranean tunnel to be constructed at the base, which is located a few miles from the Iraqi border.

“The tunnel is fit to be used as a shelter and storage for trucks and vehicles, including vehicles carrying advanced missile weapon systems,” according to ImageSat.

Meanwhile, Reuters reported that Hezbollah leader Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah claimed that Israel has been attacking “everything linked to missile-manufacturing” in Syria. But, he said, it would not force Hezbollah to withdraw from the country.