Back-to-School Plan Sent Back by Local Leaders

israel schools coronavirus
A kindergarten in Kfar Yona, ready for reopening, with sanitizer on the table. (Chen Leopold/Flash90)

The halting efforts to get Israeli children back to school was halted on Tuesday, as local leaders balked at an Education Ministry plan that they charge is impractical.

Mayors and local council heads notified Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu‏‏ in a letter that grades 4 through 10 will not return to schools in their communities next week, as the Ministry called for Monday night.

In order to minimize risk of spreading the coronavirus, kids in 4th-6th grades will come in only for five to six hours a week and 7th-10th graders two to three days a week.

“The return plan doesn’t constitute a return to school and doesn’t provide a solution to anyone,” the heads of the Federation of Local Authorities in Israel and the Regional Council Center declared in the letter. “As long as the [education] system doesn’t return to full operations we cannot open educational institutions for additional grades.”