NYC Mayor: Other States May Be Reopening Too Quickly

Mayor Bill de Blasio at a recent press availibility. (NYC Mayor’s Office)

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio said Wednesday that rising coronavirus infection rates outside of the New York metropolitan area should serve as a warning to other states not to reopen their economies too quickly.

De Blasio said to CNN that new data showing rates of new coronavirus infections declining in the New York metropolitan area but rising in other parts of the country suggest that other states may be moving too quickly to open up businesses and loosen restrictions on gatherings.

“This desire to restart and open up without necessarily referencing the actual facts of what’s going on is dangerous,” de Blasio said.

The mayor said New Yorkers have succeeded in lowering virus infection rates by largely following social-distancing orders and by covering their faces in public. “My message to the rest of the country is learn from how much effort, how much discipline it took to finally bring these numbers down, and follow the same path until you’re sure that it’s being beaten back or else if this thing boomerangs you’re putting off any kind of restart or recovery a lot longer,” he said.

New York State recorded 230 COVID-19 deaths on Monday, far lower than the peak of 799 on April 8.