BD”E: Harav Yonasan Binyamin Goldberger, Bikovsker Rav, Zt”l


The Boro Park community lost one of their beloved Rabbanim on Monday with the passing of Harav Yonasan Binyamin Goldberger, zt”l, the Bikovsker Rav.

Rav Yonasan Binyamin was the son of Harav Pinchas Asher Goldberger, the Medye Rav, zt”l, and ybl”c Rebbetzin Eidel, shetichyeh.

As a bachur, Rav Yonasan Binyomin learned in Yeshivas Ponovez, and when he published his sefarim, he received a warm haskamah from the Rosh Yeshiva, Harav Elazar Menachem Man Shach, zt”l.

When he came of age, he married, lhbch”l, the daughter of the previous Bobover Rebbe, Harav Shlomo Halberstam, zy”a, and served many years as the Rosh Kollel in Bobov.

After the petirah of his father-in-law in 5760/2000, he founded his beis medrash on 59th Street, between 15th and 16th Avenues, which he named Bikovsk, after the town where the first Bobover Rebbe, zy”a, served as Rav in his youth, and he led this kehillah for over a decade. For the past few years, the Rav was ill, but nevertheless continued running his beis medrash with great mesirus nefesh.

His wife, lhbch”l, Rebbetzin Dvorah Leah, is the founder and Menaheles of the Bnos Zion girls school in Boro Park.

Rav Yonasan Binyamin was a renowned mohel, who performed thousands of brisos before he took ill several years ago.

He was the mechaber of the Sefer Bris Kerusah Le’sfasayim, which was later translated and published as Sanctity and Science: Insights into the Practice of Milah and Metzitzah. In addition, he also published several volumes of Shailos Uteshuvos Avnei Cheifetz.

His levayah was held late Monday night in Boro Park, via his beis medrash and then via the Bobover beis medrash. Kevurah was near the Ohel of the Bobover Rebbes, zy”a, in New Jersey.

Yehi zichro baruch.


A fuller tribute will follow, b’ezras Hashem.


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