Kollel of Somerton, Philadelphia Begins Summer Zman

(Somerton Kollel) —
Rosh Kollel Rav Meir Riber giving shiur pesicha.

Coronavirus may be keeping us indoors, but in Somerton the learning goes on!

The CBS Community Kollel of Somerton, Philadelphia, led by Rosh Kollel Rav Meir Riber and under the auspices of the Nadvorner Rebbe of Philadelphia, got their Summer Zman off to a solid start this past week.

The Kollel is going further in their own limud of maseches Zevachim, and all regular programming is continuing via phone and computer hookup, including the Rosh Kollel’s weekly shiurim and chaburos, nightly community classes given by the yungerleit, and a new shiur given every morning by the Rosh Kollel on Even Sheleima.

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