Woman Born During Spanish Flu Survives Second Pandemic


A New York woman who was born during the Spanish Flu pandemic has survived COVID-19.

Angelina Friedman, who lives in a nursing home in Lake Mohegan, was taken to a hospital for a minor medical procedure on March 21. But her procedure was postponed after she tested positive for COVID-19.

After intermittently running a fever for several weeks, the 101-year-old cancer survivor tested negative for the virus on April 20, WPIX-TV reported Monday.

“My mother is a survivor,” said Joanne Merola, Friedman’s daughter. “She has super-human DNA.”

Friedman was born on a passenger ship taking immigrants from Italy to New York City in 1918. Her mother died giving birth on the ship.

Friedman has outlived her husband, Harold, and her 10 siblings.