Minyanim Return to Kosel, Open Areas

kosel minyanim
Men arriving pray at the Kosel on Sunday. (Nati Shohat/Flash90)

Israeli authorities have restored permission for minyanim to be held outdoors, including the Kosel plaza.

The government decided that prayer will be allowed in open areas by up to 19 people, at a distance of up to 500 yards from one’s place of residence while maintaining a distance of at least two yards between people.

The Western Wall Heritage Foundation accordingly announced on Sunday that “beginning this evening, the Western Wall Plaza will be divided into a number of prayer areas with the required spaces.”

Until now, one minyan of ten was allowed during the coronavirus restrictions.

It stipulated, however, that tefillos will “still only be allowed for those people who live within 500 meters of the Western Wall Plaza, meaning – only residents of the Old City of Jerusalem. Roadblocks have been set up at the entrances to the Old City and the police are not allowing anyone who is not a resident to enter,” the Foundation said in a statement.

In coordination with the police, entrance to the Kosel will only be through the security checkpoint from the direction of Dung Gate and from the entrance coming from David Street.

Masks will be required and the temperature of mispallelim will be checked before entry.

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