Chasdei Lev Arranges Quick Pick-Up Chametz Essentials for Day After Pesach

Chasdei Lev volunteers packing chametz essentials for drive through pick-ups. (Hamodia Photos)

The day is short, and there is much to do in order to get ready for Shabbos when Acharon Shel Pesach falls on Thursday. This year, with the coronavirus crisis continuing after Yom Tov, many communities were justifiably concerned that besides for the rush, the need to purchase chametz essentials would create an untenable situation in the local groceries.

In order to alleviate crowding on this day, the Chasdei Lev Organization organized a one time “Chametz Box”, which allowed members of the community to purchase essentials at a predetermined price, and make a quick drive-by pickup with complete social distancing as necessary.

After ordering online, with the choice of buying an assortment of products, a box of freshly baked challos, or a combination package, the buyers simply drove up to the street in front of Yeshiva Ohr Yitzchok on East 15th Street (between Avenue L and Locust Avenue) with their name and number displayed in the window, and the volunteers, all decked out in their masks and gloves, deposited the items ordered into the truck of the car.

In literally 5 minutes, the buyer drives away with 2 milks, cereal, bleached flour and challah flour, cholent beans and barley, crackers, soda, soup mandelach, and pre-baked challos if ordered. Within a few minutes, off he drives, food safely tucked away in the back of the car, ready to be prepared and served on Shabbos.

Order number on display for the volunteers to see. (Hamodia Photos)
Verifying the order. (Hamodia Photos)
Notifying the volunteers what to pack. (Hamodia Photos)
Order displayed for volunteers. (Hamodia Photos)
Chametz essentials box. (Hamodia Photos)
And the milk. (Hamodia Photos)
Packing the challos box. (Hamodia Photos)
And away we go. (Hamodia Photos)