Updated Misaskim Policy for Shivah Services

(Misaskim) -

Under the continued and developing guidance of our daas Torah, Rav Yechezkel Roth shlita, we wish to publicize an update regarding our Gmach Nichumim shivah services.

In light of the unprecedented number of aveilim who will begin shivah on Motzoei Acharon shel Pesach, Thursday night, April 16, we ask that everyone please send us all relevant shivah information as soon as possible.

But please do not call the main number to list shivah information.

For your convenience, the information can be submitted via email, info@misaskim.org; fax 718-943-1580; or WhatsApp 347-831-5708. Please clearly include the name of niftar/nifteres; name of each avel and relationship to niftar/nifteres; and the phone number and address of each avel. Please send in the information immediately so that we can post as early as possible after Yom Tov!

In addition, we will shortly be releasing information on our updated policy regarding shivah services. We will start to make some supplies available to the tzibbur, albeit with restrictions, as guided by our daas Torah, as we care for the safety and well-being of Klal Yisrael.