BD’E-Morah Rochel Blau, a”h


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We are saddened to inform you of the petirah of Morah Rochel (Felice) Blau, a”h, the beloved longtime Menaheles of Bais Yaakov Academy elementary school, who passed away on the first night of Pesach.

Morah Blau was involved in chinuch habanos for decades, as she infused generations of talmidos with love of Hashem, Yiddishkeit, and Torah.

Her students looked forward to her greeting each one of them with simchah every morning as she stood at the doorway of the school to welcome them for a new day of learning.

Although she had high standards, she showered each one with affection as she encouraged their growth both in their ruchniyus as well as in their gashmiyus.

She took ill several months ago, and the parents in BYA along with her talmidos held nightly Tehillim groups davening for her recovery.

She will be sorely missed by the parents as well as the students of BYA and the greater Flatbush community.

Tehi zichrah baruch.

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