Hytera America Donates Radios to Hatzalah Emergency Services

Hytera X1pi portable digital radio. (hytera.us/)

In an effort to help save lives in New York City, the national epicenter of the COVID-19 pandemic, Hytera America has donated X1pi DMR radios to Chevra Hatzalah to help their volunteers communicate.

“Radios are an essential tool in crisis management, and Hytera America sees our business as essential to providing effective communications solutions during the COVID-19 pandemic,” said Steve Cragg, Vice President of Sales at Hytera.

VHF two-way radios provide lifesaving communications to Hatzalah’s 1,300 volunteer EMTs, dispatchers, and paramedics. Since Hatzalah is the largest volunteer emergency medical service (EMS) in the world, with operations in 16 countries and responding to over 70,000 calls each year, the need for high efficiency radios is paramount.

“We are at the forefront of the fight against COVID-19, and our volunteers are inundated with emergency calls during this period. Generosity such as this encourages our volunteers to keep operating at this challenging time – often at risk to their own personal safety”, said Abraham Wurzberger, Executive Director of Chevra Hatzalah. “The generous donation will directly contribute towards Hatzalah’s life-saving mission.”