Hagaon Harav Chaim Kanievsky, Shlita, Issues Psakim About Coronavirus

Harav Kanievsky writes his answers to the halachic sheilos he was asked regarding the coronavirus, Sunday.

On Sunday, Hagaon Harav Chaim Kanievsky, shlita, received a series of halachic sheilos dealing with the spread of the coronavirus epidemic, notably in the chareidi community.

Harav Kanievsky wrote teshuvos in his handwriting to the questions that were raised by the various communities in Yerushalayim and were brought to him for guidance.

According to Harav Chaim Kanievsky, those who do not follow the Ministry of Health’s instructions is considered a rodef, and anyone who can should hand over to the police details of those who defy the instructions.

Here are the sheilos, with the response of Harav Kanievsky:

1. A person who, according to the doctor’s instructions, must go into isolation so as not to infect others if he is ill, yet he himself feels good and does not feel any sickness, can leave his home, or must he listen to the doctors despite feeling good?

“Listen to the doctors.”

2. A person who claims that he has emunah in Hashem and he will not to be ill, and therefore disparages medical guidelines (social distance and leaving home unnecessarily and so on) can he be defined as a “rodef” that might put other people at risk?

“He is considered a rodef.

3. And if, chas veshalom, a person defies the instructions and causes someone to die, is this considered accidental or purpose?

“Close to meizid (on purpose).”

4. If one knows of someone who must be in isolation yet he comes out and endangers people, can he be scolded with loud and harsh words, though he may be embarrassed?

“It is allowed.”

5. Is it permissible to give over the name of a person who disrespects doctors’ instructions and endangers others, to the authorities? And is it permissible to provide information on shuls and yeshivos that do not obey the regulations, even if it results in a high financial fine or even imprisonment?

“It is allowed.”

6. Should a phone be left on over Shabbos in case the doctors need to reach someone and can he answer the phone due to fear of pikuach nefesh?

“It is allowed.”

7. What should the tzibbur take on themselves to stop this terrible epidemic that has already cost so many lives?

“To daven.”