BD’E: Reb Yehosef Neumann, Hy”d, Victim of Monsey Attack on Chanukah

Reb Yehosef Neumann. (Photo released by Neumann family)

It is with great sadness that Hamodia informs readers of the passing of Reb Yehosef Neumann, Hy”d, the victim of the stabbing attack in Forshay on Chanukah of this past year.

On Motzaei Shabbos Chanukah, 1 Teves/December 29, Reb Yehosef was attending the hadlakas neiros in the home of Harav Chaim Rottenberg, the Kossoner Rebbe of Forshay, when he was savagely attacked with a machete by Grafton Thomas. Yehosef suffered a traumatic brain injury, and succumbed to his wounds Sunday afternoon.

On Monday, New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo, who has pushed for the state to enact a first-in-the-nation law that would classify similar hate attacks as domestic terrorism, said he would rename the legislation the “Josef Neumann Hate Crimes Domestic Terrorism Act.”

“This repugnant attack shook us to our core, demonstrating that we are not immune to the hate-fueled violence that we shamefully see elsewhere in the country,” said the governor.

Yehi zichro baruch.

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