Town of Fallsburg Officially Suspends Certificate of Occupancy for All Summer Camps and Bungalow Colonies

Town of Fallsburg Buildings Department.

It has not come as a surprise to many, but now it is official.

Steven Vegliante, Supervisor of the Town of Fallsburg, New York, announced on Thursday, March 19, 2020 that due to the State of Emergency that was declared in the Town of Fallsburg because of the global Covid-19/Coronavirus pandemic, all non-essential functions within the Town were suspended. This prohibits gatherings of more than 50 people, and therefore all Certificates of Occupancy for all camps and seasonal communities were suspended.

In addition, all Planning, Zoning Board of Appeals or Architectural Review Board meetings were cancelled until further notice. Any pending application before these boards is tolled as to time limits only.

Any construction completed during this period will be subject to inspection at a later date. There will be no latitude or protection offered as to building code or site plan violations during this crisis.

“While I welcome any homeowner within our Town to utilize their home, I join in the concerns raised,” Mr. Vegliante added. “While it may seem preferable to spend this time in the Catskills, we will lack the medical infrastructure to handle increased caseloads of sick individuals that are projected. Additionally, the same prohibitions and frustrations apply here as they do downstate. Our stores are as empty. Local businesses are also closed.”