De Blasio Releases Rules for Parks During COVID-19 Crisis

Alfred E. Smith Playground. (

New York City City Mayor Bill de Blasio has released the city’s current guidance concerning use of NYC parks and playgrounds during the current COVID-19 crisis.

Team sports had already been banned, and revoked, and all permits for organized sports and large gatherings have been revoked. Increased presence of NYPD and Parks Enforcement Patrol officers will enforce social distancing. The city continues to evaluate these efforts and is closely coordinating with the State concerning any expansion of the restrictions if necessary.

Signage will be posted by NYC Parks at all fields and courts to indicate that all tournaments and sports practices have been cancelled. In addition, all nature centers and recreation centers are closed, and concessions including ice rinks, amusement parks, carousels, indoor tennis facilities are shut as well.

Playgrounds run by the Parks Department remain open to provide children with solitary, active recreation. It is critical to practice social distancing among people who do not live in the same household while playing on the playground, and it advisable that children do not handle public play equipment. New signage will warn parents and guardians to maintain social distancing among children, with monitoring by the NYPD and Parks Enforcement officers.

The Parks Department will evaluate over the next week the level of compliance and decide if the adoption of more stringent rules if needed.