Drive-Through Coronavirus Testing Facility Opens in Tel Aviv

Magen David Adom workers wearing protective clothing are seen at a drive-through site to collect samples for coronavirus testing, in Tel Aviv, on Friday. (Tomer Neuberg/Flash90)

After a delay of several days, a new drive-through facility was opened in Tel Aviv Friday for patients to receive immediate testing for the coronavirus while they wait in their cars.

The facility, run by Magen David Adom, is located at the Expo Tel Aviv compound. If this pilot testing project proves successful, additional facilities will be opened in other major cities.

Before arriving, people must call MDA at 101 and receive a bar code. At the entrance to the facility, a policeman will scan the bar code before allowing the person to enter.

The entire process is meant to take just five minutes. Results are expected within 72 hours, although in some cases it may take longer.

However, not everyone will be allowed to be tested. To receive a test, one needs to be in quarantine after being near a confirmed carrier, and to have started developing symptoms of the COVID-19, which include a fever and coughing.

Meanwhile, Israel Railways announced that passenger train service will be reduced by 50% starting Monday, in accordance with Health Ministry instructions.