Ramat Hasharon Most Financially Stable Among Large Cities

Airview of the Ramat HaSharon area. (Moshe Shai/FLASH90)

Of Israeli cities with at least 40,000 residents, Ramat Hasharon is the most financially stable, which means that it excels at collecting revenue from various sources, with sufficient regular income to ensure that city services continue to be offered. Of smaller towns, Kiryat Motzkin is the most financially stable. The least financially stable city is Yerushalayim.

The annual rating on municipal financial stability is made by the CofaceBdi organization, which determines the status based on a city’s ability to raise money from its residents. Those with a larger population at lower socio-economic levels are considered weaker financially. The socio-economic status of a city’s population is based on, among other things, reported per-capita income, the number of vehicles relative to population, the percentage of residents who passed their Bagrut matriculation tests, the percentage of college students relative to the population, and how many residents receive National Insurace stipends.

Eyal Yanai, co-CEO of CofaceBdi, told Calcalist that “there is a valid comparison between financially stable residents and financially stable towns. Many of the towns on the list in the past were listed as financially unstable, but with proper management were able to raise their status, even if they had a significant number of lower socio-economic residents.”