Closed Shuls in Flatbush

Coney Island Avenue in front of Yeshiva RAbeinu Chaim Berlin, normally lined with cars and people, is now deserted. (Avraham Elbaz)
The besi medrash of Yeshiva Rabeinu Chaim Berlin on Wednesday afternoon. (Avraham Elbaz)
Congregation Levush Mordechai of Pozna is clsoed. (Avraham Elbaz)
(Avraham Elbaz)
Congregation Bnei Binyomin on Ave O in Midwood. (Avraham Elbaz)
Emptiness reigns inside Congregation Bnei Binyomin. (Avraham Elbaz)
A bus sits idle outside Mirrer Yeshiva on Ocean Parkway and Quentin Road in Flatbush. (Avraham Elbaz)
Mirrer Yeshiva Beis Medrash. (Avraham Elbaz)
Mirrer Yeshiva Mesivta Beis Medrash. (Avraham Elbaz)
A minyan with social distancing. (Avraham Elbaz)
People davening on a street in Flatbush. (Avraham Elbaz)