Letter From Harav Mattisyahu Salomon, shlita, Mashgiach Of Bais Medrash Govoha

[Free Translation]

22 Adar, 5780

To the honorable Bnei Hayeshiva, may they live a long life

Behold we are standing in the midst of an awesome situation, and all the events of the world informs us of ‘the voice of Eliyahu’. We must ponder what is the avodah which is incumbent upon us, and what Hashem wants from us.

It is certain that in these days, after we exited from the deliverance of Purim which comes together with ‘they accepted it again from their own free will’, and we are standing close to the days of Pesach, where the entire objective of the exodus from Mitzrayim was ‘when I take you out of Mitzrayim, you will serve Hashem on this mountain,’ Hashem definitely did not come to create a weakness.

Just the opposite. What He wants from us is to strengthen ourselves with more fortitude and more force in Torah, and in prayer that we should be strong and fit in order to do the will of our Father in Heaven.

Our prayers are that Hakadosh Baruch Hu, in his infinite mercy and kindness, will accept our supplications with good will, and He will have mercy on us and the entire his nation of Yisrael in every place they are, that they should exit from this predicament and hastily merit the complete redemption.

Signed with anticipation for the salvation of Hashem, and the uplifting of the strength of the Torah,

Mattisyahu Chaim Salomon